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Welcome to Sophitorium
Globalization and knowledge explosion are the major features of present days civlization. This has been manifested in creating new dimension in the realms science, technology,IT and manegment. The SOPHITORIUM, synonyms for the "KNOWLEDGE CENTER" has been conceived and realized to explore the flavour of knowledge. The proffesional in the field of education with a vision to devlop and give a shape, have put on the mind, heart and soul in devloping this "KNOWLEDGE CENTER". It is expected that the sweet taste of materializing a dream to the reality shall be shared by all of us with the cooperation of one and all and ofcourse with the blessing of the God, the almighty
About Us
Sophittorium Engineering college was founded in the year 2009 as a missionary institution to provide myriad professional education. So as to produce technical graduates, who can face the challenges of this fast changing world. Ever since the establishment of its 1st institute i.e. SOPHITORIUM INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND LIFE SKILLS(SITAL) at Jatni under the affilation of the Utkal University and Govt. of Orissa which is offering BBA and BCA courses. Sophitorium Group of institution has grown from strength to strength, establishing top of the line educational institute in various discipline.